Thursday, November 03, 2005

Pulling the Pan

I didn't feel safe going all the way up in one go because I didn't know how stable the thing would be. Or how heavy. In retrospect, it would have been easier to go all the way up to start with.
On day two here I had to raise the frame higher on the a-frames so the engine would clear. It would have been easier if I was planning to pull the pan out from the rear, but I needed it out the front for storage.

But a long story short, we lifted the frame up higher on cinderblocks. It wasn't too awful heavy. Me and my brother were able to lift each end and feed a 2x4 through. That's the cool thing about cinderblocks.

After that, the pan is so light a ten year old boy could pull it out.
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On that last picture, you can see in the driveway next door that I inspired the Jones's to keep up.

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And in the next picture you can see the 2x4 holding the frame up through the blocks. Hey, whatever works.

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And that's it for the pan.
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Leaving the frame hanging by itself.
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So we lifted it down to the ground.
First the back (heavy)
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And then the front (light)
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And then some 2x4's under the metal.
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It was good to know that after all of that, the thing is still drivable.
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Blogger Mike said...

I hope you are still working on the ghia. Restoring VWs is tough work. My last big project was a 70 bug, and it took me 15 months. It needed a lot of sheet metal replacement and welding. A lot more work than you are looking at. Keep at it.

11:25 AM  

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