Tuesday, August 02, 2005

And So It Begins

I called the tax assessor today to see about getting the title transferred over to my name. What I didn't want was to have to buy insurance. It's kind of a racket here in Texas. You need to have proof of insurance to get your driver's licence, transfer a car title, or to drive. It would have been a lot of hassle to have to go on my computer and type up a fake insurance card.
Ok, well long story short, you don't need insurance to transfer the title. Only to get tags.
So if you surrender the plates, you can transfer the title without it. So that was good.
Anyhow, I went in and got T,T, but not L. ($39.25)
Then I stopped in at the auto-part store and picked up some Go-Jo and a car cover. ($25.98)

So now the work begins....

First I unhooked the battery. You know, safety.
That wasn't too hard.
Hmmm....now what?
I guess I'll take something off of there. Start at the front, I guess.

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Ok, slide out the spare tire. Pull off the hood. Or is it the trunk. Or being a European car, it could be a boot.

Not too bad. My assistant started removing the gasket that goes around the hood.

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I am informed that this project is to be completed by the time she turns 18. So only 15 years to go. That's not very much time.

I really want to get the gas tank out of here for safety reasons. I guess with no battery and no gas tank the chances of a major accident are a lot less.
It looks like the gas tank is only held in place by two little bolts. One on the upper left and the other on the lower right. (It turns out that's exactly how it is.)

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I'm big on safety. Disregard the lit cigarette by the gas tank.
There are two big lines there by my hand that run from the gas cap to the tank. I'll have to try to remember where they go.

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Ok, the gas tank is out. The line in the picture that runs along the top, driver's side goes to the top of the gas tank. There is a smaller one below.

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Here is the bottom hose that goes to the bottom of the fuel tank.

Warning: when you pull the gas tank off, the gas all comes out. I grabbed a five gallon bucket out the the garage/woodshop and filled it about three quarters full of gas. It was full of sawdust to start with, so that was handy for putting down to sop up all the the gas in the driveway.
Now I have about three gallons of gas in a bucket. What to do with it?
I wouldn't want it said that I would illegally dump any petrolium products, so I will have to wait until night when there are no witnesses.
Of course, in the hot Texas sun it's not likely to be there at the end of the day. It is evaporating at a remarkable rate.
By tonight it will likely only have thirty-four years worth of sludge in the bottom.

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Here I am sopping up some extra gas from where the two large hoses connected to the tank.

Now the car looks dramatically different.
I feel pretty good. I think it's the gas fumes.

Ok, now some breakable stuff. How about the headlights....

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I took out the headlight and the mounting bracket. Also the little headlight gasket.
There's a little spring on the back of the headlight to hold tension in order to adjust the beam.

I also got the front turn signals off, but left the gasket for now, because there's a mounting bracket that connects from the inside of the wheelwell. There's too much gas down there today. I'll come back to that.

How about some loose ends.

Here is the squirt-squirt....

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There is one line that connect from the top of the canister apparently to the spare tire, to pressurize it. The bottom one goes up under the dash, to go to the squirter.

Here's something I've never seen before...no idea what it is...

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I unclamped it to look at it. It looks like some sort of a fume depressurizer of some sort. There is a clamp that hooks it on and a black cover that goes over it. It's hooked to like three different fuel lines. I can't tell offhand if it hold fuel or fumes. If it holds fuel, it must be a reserve tank. If it hold fumes, well, who knows.

After I unclamped that, but before I got a chance to figure it out, it started to sprinkle. So I put on the car cover and that's a day's work.
All told, about three hours, not including when the cable guys came to fix the cable.

Oh, and while I was doing all of this, Ambre and Kenny took off the side mirrors.

Total investment so far $1266.85


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