Monday, February 20, 2006

Storing the Ghia for the Winter

I put the ghia in storage for the winter, which means that I put blocks under it and a car cover over it and left it in the driveway. The pan is jammed up in the garage. The many boxes of parts are stacked neatly.
I got my first letter from the homeowners association this week. They said that I must remove the "car on blocks in the driveway" or I face a fine.
So what can I do?
The first question I had is how much is the fine. Well, it turns out to be ten dollars.
Where else could I store it for that price. It sounds pretty reasonable to me.
And secondly, I object to it being called a car on blocks. A car has certain essential components which make it a car, such as wheels, engine, seats, etc. My ghia has NONE OF THESE THINGS.
I would argue that it is not a car at all. It is a frame. And there is no provision in the deed restrictions which forbids a frame of any sort to be placed in the driveway of any house.
So, take me to court for your lousy ten dollars.
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